• Panoramica Resort



A large botanical garden rich in plants,
flowers and scented herbs,
where silence and peace reign supreme.

Many exemplary tropical plants, Palm Trees, Succulent Cacti which cohabit with fruit trees, Olive trees, Citrus trees and decorative plants, such as Jacarande and Phanera Purpurea, (common name orchid tree), mixed with rose pergolas and Jasmine flowers to delicately perfume the air.
Interesting and rare plants like ‘the hand of Buddha’ and ‘the citrus caviar’, are harmoniously planted near the typical Sicilian Quince and more tropical Mango and Avocado, not to forget the jujube date, arbutus red berries and pomegranates.
At the center of the park is an old Carob tree, symbolic tree of the Mediterranean and in particular of the South East of Sicily, as brought to life by the poet Salvatore Quasimodo in a nostalgic poem on his land, where he said: ‘I have forgotten the sea, the severe shell of the Sicilian Shepheard’s, the chants of the wagons along the streets where the Carob tree trembled from the smoke of their beards…’
The garden leads you on between Citrus and Fruit trees towards the walled garden, where vegetables and herbs are cultivated to offer the guests of our resort fresh organic produce.

(Testo a cura di Marcella Guidi – tratto da Ville & Casali 14 Novembre 2016 – Ed. Morelli – http://www.villeecasali.com/country-living/luoghi/giardino-botanico-un-luogo-incantato/)