A noble family, a historical estate going back generations.
Stories of cosmopolitan ladies, protagonists of their time.
The noble ladies of the past inspired the current owner in her vision and recreation of a hospitality long forgotten.
A hospitality of the highest level.

The estate of San Michele has belonged to the Grande family for centuries. Donna Coraly takes its name from the noble lady of the past, a protagonist of 20th Century social life. Coraly Grande Sinatra, a noblewoman enamoured with the arts, travelling and an avid supporter of women’s rights.
To Donna Coraly, grandmother of the current owner, tribute is given in the creation of a unique resort bearing her name. It is with this in mind, that her granddaughter, Lucia was inspired to recreate the atmosphere, style and beauty of past times. Her infectious and proud personality have inspired a true oasis of calm, cordiality and relaxation.
Tradition and refined good tastes. Habits born from the past, which live on at Donna Coraly Resort.


The life and times of Coraly Grande Sinatra seen through anectdotes and memories..

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